check halal products

Halal has become the buzz word with regards to food, although its relevancy in fact extends to non-food areas such as personal care & cosmetics products, pharmaceuticals, other consumer goods, finance and services. Halalan Toyibban simply means permissible and wholesome, and this concept is founded on Syariah laws. Toyibban denotes food that is safe, clean, nutritious and of good quality. The general principle concerning food according to Islamic teachings is that everything is halal except impurities, and that which is harmful and intoxicating. That which is classified as non-halal or ‘haram’ is forbidden and prohibited for Muslims. Any food or drink which lies within the grey area between halal and haram is classified as ‘Syubhah’, and Muslims should avoid consuming Syubhah food or drinks until the status of the food or drink becomes clear.

if you wish to check the halal products, just follow the link,



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