RIM renews call to ban illegal downloaders

PETALING JAYA: France is going to disable the Internet accounts of citizens who download illegal copies of music, movies and PC games, and so should we, said the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM).

RIM wants the Malaysian Government to emulate France’s latest move to clamp down on Internet piracy.

News agency AFP reported that the French parliament has approved an Internet piracy bill which has a provision to ban illegal music, film and computer game downloaders from the Internet.

Repeat offenders can now be cut off from the Web in addition to facing existing but rarely applied legislation that stipulates a fine of up to 300,000 euros (RM1.5mil) or two-year jail term.

Also, AFP reported, Internet account holders found guilty of “negligence” for allowing a third party to pirate music or films using their web connection, would risk a 1,500-euro (RM7,500) fine and a month-long suspension.

pada aku… sebelum nak ban pengguna…. perbaiki lagi tahap internet kita…… lepas tu baru pikir yang lain2

RIM renews call to ban illegal downloaders

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