Kuala Dipang suspension bridge did not meet specifications

PETALING JAYA: The suspension bridge which collapsed near SK Kuala Dipang in Kampar, Perak, did not meet required engineering codes and specifications.

A statement issued by Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom Tuesday revealed that the structure was only able to take the weight of eight pupils (each weighing 35kgs).

The tragedy occurred on Oct 26 when pupils from 60 schools in the state tried crossing the bridge in groups of 14 to 17.

Alimuddin added that the collapse was caused by a faulty concrete block connection.

“The investigation committee found that the concrete block connection in Pylon A could not handle the uplift force from the back-stayed cable.

“Additionally, the private contractor involved had not submitted a plan of the structure or received any approval from authorities such as the district council and Drainage and Irrigation department,’’ he said.

In the tragedy, three primary school pupils attending a 1Malaysia camp drowned after the suspension bridge they were on collapsed into the Kampar river.

At around 10.30pm after an ice-breaking session at the campsite, the organising teachers allowed pupils in groups of 14 to 17 to cross the bridge for their meal at the school.

Meanwhile, some pupils returned to the campsite to retrieve their water containers and cutlery.

According to Alimuddin, under the weight of pupils crossing from both directions, the bridge began to collapse.

Additionally, heavy rainfall earlier in the evening had increased the river level and current, causing the bridge to sway.

Some of the pupils who were swept away by the current were saved by the camp commandant, trainers, teachers and workers who had jumped into the river after them, he said.

Firemen, rescue workers and the police showed up later to continue the search for missing pupils.

The Education Ministry, he said, would take into account the views of the Public Works Ministry and Department, the Construction Industry Development Board, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers in deciding the appropriate measures to be taken against the involved parties.

There is also an ongoing police investigation into the incident, he said.



dah agak dah….. leh tampung 8 orang budak jea…. patotle runtuh titi gantung tuh…..

tak pasal2 jea hilang nyawa…..

siaple sapa yang bertanggungjawab tuh….. idak ke dema siasat masa wat payment kat kontraktor tuh?

jawab jangan tak jawab!!

rentetan tragedi di sini


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