TNB may increase rates and ran no ducks

tapah electric saver prepaidboss collections

(manglish style, trying to if i can… haha)

starting january 2010, tnb may increase rates…. haih….

PUTRAJAYA: New electricity tariffs may be introduced from January if it is approved by the Cabinet, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui

they said it is because of the

“The electricity tariff is reviewed every six months due to fuel price adjustments but whether there will be a new tariff or not will depend on the Cabinet,”

why must increase?  enough la…. think about others also….  now everything use electric… sure tnb make money…. we use hydro, free water to generate electric…. tnb should give rebet somemore…. at least reward la points that we can use to redeem something…. tnb is like astro…. where got option…. its not morale la to ask for more due to our economic growth…. hehe…..

now we wait if the cabinet is acting like noddy who likes to nod, sure next year kena one….  but i believe and firm someone will stand for people’s right…. isn’t we live in 1malaysia?

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while the other side of this world…

NEW BEDFORD, Massachusetts (AP): A driver who ran over and killed a mother duck walking her 12 ducklings across a Massachusetts mall parking lot has been sentenced to a year of probation.

more to read

so don’t kill/run any ducks it might get you into trouble.. seriously!!


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