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Kick hubby out of PKR, Ezam tells Wan Azizah

Kick hubby out of PKR, Ezam tells Wan Azizah.


KUALA LUMPUR: Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor has challenged party president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to kick her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim out of the party.

He also called on Anwar to stop hiding behind Wan Azizah’s skirt.

Ezam said it was high time Wan Azizah made a choice, as she should not serve the interest of her husband at the expense of the party as Anwar is facing sodomy charges.

“Azizah should resign as president if she does not have the heart to sack her husband from the party,’’ he said yesterday.

Ezam was commenting on Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah’s decision to quit PKR on moral grounds.

Ezam said Wan Azizah should support Badrul’s decision to quit if she is consistent in upholding the principle of morality.

“As a wife, Wan Azizah has a responsibility to her husband, and she cannot possibly tell all to the public.

“But Wan Azizah should remember that she also has a responsibility to the party and its members,

“If there is conflict of interest, Wan Azizah should just resign,’’ he said.

Badrul, when announcing his decision to quit PKR on Thursday, said Wan Azizah knew what was happening in the party and asked why she had been evasive.

He also said Wan Azizah was willing to cover up her husband’s weaknesses for the sake of her family but at the expense of the party and the rakyat.

He said as a PKR member and an elected representative, he had a right to ask for the party president’s explanation on the matter.

Wan Azizah’s failure in fulfilling her duties and in addressing the serious moral problems affecting the party, was the main reason he quit, Badrul claimed.




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Perak Assembly: Nizar to lodge police reports on assault and battery by police

Perak Assembly: Nizar to lodge police reports on assault and battery by police.

1.45pm: Nizar plans to lodge at least three police reports at 3pm today on battery and assault by police under Section 124 of the Criminal Procedure Code including one on the poison pen letter. He also plans to bring to Parliament claims that excessive force were used by police this morning. He will also use blogs and YouTube to tell the rakyat what occurred besides discussing with lawyers possible court action.

1.05pm: Sivakumar tells media that he would lodge police report over poison pen letter purportedly signed by him calling for state assembly sitting today at Heritage Hotel in Ipoh for the tabling of state budget by Nizar and a motion to dissolve state assembly.

He alleges the letter also claimed that the Perak Sultan would grant Nizar an audience to hear a request to dissolve the state assembly to pave way for fresh elections.

Sivakumar reiterated that the letter was a fake and did not originate from him.

1.05pm: Sivakumar alleges that police used excessive force, when they tried to confiscate his Speaker’s robe and songkok. Claims he was manhandled when he tried to enter Dewan.

1.00pm: Sivakumar tells a press conference that he is merely “holding on” to the robe because it is a symbol of democracy that he is protecting.

12.55pm: Sitting has been adjourned sine die. State budget passed by sitting.

12.35pm: Barisan assemblyman begin posing oral questions to MB Dr Zambry at assembly sitting. Pakatan reps leave SUK Building. They are heading to DAP headquarters to hold press conference.

12.00pm: Pakatan reps give press conference in the library.

11.45am: Sivakumar adjourns Pakatan “assembly”. Pakatan reps begin walking out of sitting. They adjourn to the library. Reporters are barred from leaving the hall to go to the library.

11.30am: Former mentri besar and Pengkalan Hulu assemblyman Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali seconds state Budget presented by Dr Zambry. Pakatan reps interrupt their Barisan counterparts when they speak. Slim assemblyman Datuk Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib says Ganesan should take action against Pakatan assemblymen for turning assembly into “circus”. Ganesan announces for Budget to be read a second time.

11.20am: Assembly reconvenes. Pakatan reps are calling for Ganesan to vacate the Speaker’s seat.

10.55am: Pakatan reps ‘take over’ sitting. Sivakumar, Nizar and Ngeh speak. While they were doing so, Barisan reps stood up and walked around.

Outside the SUK building, FRU orders people to stay inside the five-foot walkway of the shops below the DAP headquarters, which is opposite the SUK building.

10.40am: Buntong rep A. Subramaniam stands up and asks Ganesan to vacate his seat. Subramaniam says Bar Council registry shows Ganesan was still a practising lawyer three months after his appointment on May 7.

10.20am: Speaker Ganesan adjourns sitting to 11.20am. Pakatan reps led by Nizar re-enter hall.

10.15am: Dr Zambry gives his Budget speech but Pakatan reps are still not present at the sitting.

Sivakumar came out for less than a minute alleging that the police manhandled him and removed the speaker’s robes he was wearing. He went back in after claiming that several Pakatan assemblymen were also manhandled by police.

FRU instructs media and public to get behind police line 50m away. Eight PAS members led by Ustaz Azli Musa pray outside DAP headquarters located opposite the SUK building.

10.07am: Pakatan assemblymen now re-enter the SUK building. Assembly observes minute of silence for the pupil who was killed in Kampar bridge tragedy.

10.05am: Pakatan representatives walk out of assembly after Sivakumar is asked to remove speaker’s robe. They are now speaking to reporters outside the SUK buidling

10.00am: Assembly starts but Pakatan assemblymen not present.

9.52am: Former speaker V. Sivakumar, former mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, Ngeh and state rep Nga Ko Ming are part of the Pakatan assemblymen who enter the SUK building. Sivakumar is wearing his speaker’s robe.

9.50am: Pakatan crowd now directly facing SUK building. Police say only the state assemblymen can pass through last barricade to the building.

9.45am: Pakatan assemblymen and supporters begin march onto Jalan Istana towards the SUK building, shouting, “Hidup, hidup. Hidup Rakyat.” They also put on a show of solidarity in front of press photographers amid claps and cheers. Ngeh talks to police and FRU at one level of barricades on Lorong Istana before being allowed through.

9.27am: Estimated 150 curious onlookers, PAS and DAP supporters gather in front of entrance to DAP headquarters. Police in flourescent yellow vests line Jalan Istana, the road leading to the state secretariat building. Heaviest police presence in front of the gate.

9.05am: Police helicopter takes to the air, seen flying above state secretariat compound.

9.00am: Police stop impromptu press conference by DAP rep Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham. Perak CID chief seen talking to Ngeh and Thomas Su. Ngeh and Su claimed they were blocked from entering the state secretariat building.

8.55am: Police personnel putting up yellow police tape to demark 50m distance from state secretariat building.

8.50am: Pakatan assemblymen begin to arrive at state secretariat building.

8.30am: An estimated 400 police personnel have been stationed in the area. A total of about 20 police and FRU trucks also stationed.

8.00am: Heavy police presence around the area surrounding the Perak state secretariat building (SUK), where the State Assembly sitting is scheduled to begin later Wednesday morning. Police and Federal Reserve Unit trucks with security personnel have gathered at the area.

Barb wires have been placed on the sidewalk between the building and DAP headquarters. Roadblocks have been set up. Only authorised vehicles are being allowed on Jalan Istana which leads to the state secretariat building.

IPOH: A timetable to enter the assembly hall has been set by Speaker Datuk R. Ganesan for the respective assemblymen, government officers and media.

Barisan Nasional assemblyman are scheduled to enter before 9.55am followed by Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

Members of the media, government officers and dignitaries can start entering the hall from 9.30am.

High drama is expected at the sitting where Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir is scheduled to table the state budget.

Pakatan’s agenda since it was toppled earlier this year has been to keep up the political momentum for their cause by employing tactics such as challenging each and every sitting of the legislative assembly to show they do not recognise the Barisan government.

In the previous May 7 session, chaos had erupted including when the then-Speaker V. Sivakumar had been dragged out of the House.

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Notis makluman bubar DUN adalah palsu: Sivakumar

IPOH: Bekas Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak, V Sivakumar hari ini mendakwa beliau menjadi mangsa taktik kotor melalui penyebaran notis makluman sidang DUN palsu yang memaklumkan Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah berkenan membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN).

Bercakap pada sidang akhbar di pejabat DAP di sini, Sivakumar menafikan yang beliau mengeluarkan notis itu.

“Saya akan membuat laporan polis berhubung perkara ini,” kata Sivakumar yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Tronoh yang turut memberikan salinan contoh notis terbabit.

Notis menggunakan kepala surat Speaker DUN Perak bertarikh 23 Okt 2009 itu memaklumkan bahawa sidang DUN hari ini akan diadakan di Hotel Heritage bagi membentangkan Bajet 2010 dan usul pembuburan dewan oleh Adun Pasir Panjang, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Notis berkenaan turut memaklumkan bahawa Sultan Azlan Shah telah berkenan menerima menghadap Mohammad Nizar di Istana Kinta di sini pada 3 petang hari ini bagi membubarkan DUN Perak untuk membolehkan pilihan raya negeri diadakan.

Sivakumar berkata beliau hanya mengetahui perkara itu ketika menghadiri sidang DUN di Bangunan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri hari ini.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Sivakumar mendakwa polis menggunakan kekerasan terhadap Adun pakatan pembangkang yang menghadiri sidang DUN di Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan hari ini dengan merampas peralatan elektronik seperti kamera, kamera video dan komputer riba.

Beliau turut mendakwa polis bertindak kasar semasa merampas Jubah Speaker yang dipakainya. – Bernama

BERNAMA – 1Malaysia Concept Wins Support Of Bagan Pinang Constituents, Says Isa

PORT DICKSON, Oct 11 (Bernama) — The big win by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in Bagan Pinang shows that the BN has regained the support of all races, said the BN candidate Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad.

The 1Malaysia concept, ‘People First, Performance Now’ introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, was the main factor for the success as it succeeded in drawing the support of all races for the BN, he said.

“This is a good sign that the people are supporting the BN government under the leadership of Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Only the BN government can provide good governance for the country.

“I’m thankful to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan as well as party leaders who had worked hard for the by-election,” he told reporters, here on Sunday night.

Mohd Isa retained the Bagan Pinang state seat for the BN in the by-election after beating the PAS candidate, Zulkefly Mohamad Omar with a majority of 5,435 votes.

Mohd Isa garnered 8,013 votes while Zulkefly received only 2,578 votes.

BN menang di bagan pinang

BN menang di bagan pinang

BN menang di bagan pinang

BN menang di bagan pinang

tahniah kepada BN yang menang di Bagan Pinang…….
BN menang di bagan pinang
Kepada yang tak menang tu…. takpa2…..
nanti ada lagi…….

BERNAMA – 1Malaysia Concept Wins Support Of Bagan Pinang Constituents, Says Isa

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